Dead Kings - Hot Damn

In January I traveled with Dead Kings for the NSW part of their tour.
These are the photos from the Hot Damn show.
I lit this show with a bare 430ex each side of stage, both were a little further back than I would have preferred, but this was the only place I could really set them up out of the way. All taken with my 400D.

And here's some photos of the guys between shows.

Rohan doesn't take protein supplements, he thinks they're "for pussies."

This is Paddy he managed the tour, and manages Dead Kings, he's also a graphic designer who does a lot of their merch.

 This is Ollie he sings in Fixtures, and he was running a few of these shows.

This photo is just asking to have something Photoshopped into Ollie's hand, so get on it.