Dead Kings, Abandon All Hope - Wollongong

More photos from the NSW dates with Dead Kings, these are from the Wollongong show.
Bare 430ex on a stand at the front either side of stage.
This is Everest, they were the only non metalcore band on the bill, they played a Minor Threat and a Gorilla Biscuits cover. I liked them. (Actually Never Content also played this show, and they're not a metalcore band either, I missed out seeing them at this show but check them out, their myspace songs sound good. Also I don't mean to say I don't like metalcore, it's just that 5 of those bands playing in a row can be a bit monotonous sometimes.)

Abandon All Hope were playing all the shows with Dead Kings, the bands were traveling separately so I didn't really get to hang out with these guys much at all.

For Dead Kings I moved the camera right flash to the back right of the stage and added a blue gel.

This show was also Another Days Remains' album launch, so they headlined it, they are real popular in Wollongong.

After the show we stayed at Matt's house, some of his friends tried to set him on fire while he slept.

Paddy knows how to pump.