Bit of an update

I haven't posted anything here for a bit, so here's a few random things.
I spent the last four days in Melbourne with I Exist as they recorded their new album 'A Turn For The Worse' with Jason Fuller from Blood Duster.
I took a lot of photos and video, I am unsure what I'm doing with either, but hopefully the photos will go in a magazine or two. Here's a few of them.
These were taken with my new camera, a Canon 5D Mark II and my new lens, a Canon 24-70mm f/2.8. As well as photos I've been taking a lot of video with it.
This is the second camera I have owned, every photo previous to this has been taken with my Canon 400D. I still have a lot of photos from my 400D to sort through, edit and put online, including a bunch from the shows Dead Kings played in New South Wales.

Here's some video from a few recent shows. These were the first times I shot video with my 5D, I have done absolutely nothing to the sound and video, except to compress it to a smaller file size before uploading. It was shot wide open at f/1.8, at the maximum ISO in very low light, so this is basically the worst that video can look coming out of this camera. Very shallow depth of field and manual focus make it hard to keep the subjects sharp.

 These two shows are coming up in Canberra this week. The first is Damo's last show as vocalist for Dead Kings and the second is Slowburn's last ever show.

And I'm going to these shows in Queensland.