Jungle Fever - Final Final Final Show?

Jungle Fever broke up in 2008, then in December last year they played a reunion show in Melbourne, then another in Brisbane this year, and finally this gig in Sydney at the Sando. I'm not complaining, if anything I think this should be a yearly occurance. This band is almost universaly loved by hardcore fans in Australia, including me.

I lit this show with a 430ex either side of the stage, one a bit further back to create a 3/4 backlight and one in line with the front of the stage. I wasn't really happy with the light for any of the bands, I moved them around a bit between bands, but wasn't really able to get enough front light on the band members.

Phantoms feature members of Rex Banner and Jack Napier, and probably some other bands I don't know of. This was the first time I'd seen them, people say they sound bit like Madball. They're doing some shows with I Exist soon, so I'll be seeing them a lot more.

Ill Brigade. I know nothing about this band, except that Pepper likes them.

Had It are from Sydney, at least one of them was in AVO, they played Vocal Test, Pepper likes them also.

Sex Wizard feature a bunch of the Jungle Fever guys playing different instruments, they have a very different sound to Jungle Fever. This is the second time I've seen them, they've been great both times.

I think I've seen Jungle Fever anout 7 times, and I this was probably my favourite gig of their's.