The Warehouse - First Show

The Warehouse is Canberra's newest all ages venue, it is as the name suggests simply a warehouse. For the last few months bands have been using the newly built jam rooms, but this is the first gig to be held there. All the bands were from Canberra. The gig started and finished during daylight, I used two flashes to light it. One of them had a coloured gel on it, for I exist it was a straw gel, for the rest of the bands it was a blue gel. I moved the lights around for each band, but basically had a side light and a back light for each setup, they are visible in many of the photos.

Atlantis Awaits are a new pop punk band, some of their songs sound like Paramore.

Reinger used to be called the payback, they just recently put out a new demo, which is really good.

Vera often seem to have fill in members playing for them, this time Sam from I Exist and Slowburn filled in on guitar.

I Exist used to be a 5 piece band with 2 guitarists, then Alex the bass player went to South America for a year, at which point Sam one of the guitarist started playing bass, and recently they've gained a second guitarist again with Josh from Pod People playing some shows with them.

Dead Kings, recently announced that their vocalist Damo was leaving, this gig was one of his last with the band, and his last all ages show in Canberra.
 Morgan shaved his beard that morning, it was a sad day.

My band Observer also played, so obviously I didn't get any photos of us, and I don't think anyone else was shooting the gig.