Boys of Summer 2010 Canberra

Boys Of summer is a tour that's been happening for about five years now, this year it featured Every Time I Die, 50 Lions, House vs Hurricane and Mary Jane Kelly.

I lit this gig with a 430ex on a stand each side of the stage, there isn't actually a stage, more just a stage like area. This is the way I've been shooting this venue for the last few gigs and it's far from perfect. I get a lot of lens flares and it's becomes really hard to get anything when the crowd is packed right up the front, but it's the only place I can safely put my flashes and get shots I'm happy with.
Mary Jane Kelly are from Wollongong, they're all a bunch of good dudes, I did some promos for them a while a go. Then recently got a new bass player, Brendan who used to play in Rex Banner.

Justin often puts the entire microphone in his mouth.

House vs Hurricane are from Melbourne, they have a keyboardist and inspire very strange reactions from kids that are trying to combine moshing with raving.

50 Lions, I still quite like this band and I think their new album is really good even though it's a bit of new direction for them, not that many people got into them at this show, I blame the aforementioned raving kids.

Every Time I Die were the main draw for this gig, a lot of people didn't even bothering going inside until they played. When they were first anounced for this tour, I don't think I had ever listened to them and I always assumed they were simply another metalcore band. Since then I got their newest album New Junk Aesthetic, and it definitely became one of my favourite albums of last year. I'm not trying to say I became a huge fan, I just really really like this album, definitely not your standard metalcore, and not really a metalcore band at all, very southern and stoner rock influenced, and Keith has an amazing vocal range, so unlike anything in modern hardcore.