Reigner Promos

I took some new promo photos for Reigner. Until recently they were known as The Payback. They've been around for a few years and have had a lot of member changes over that time, the most recent one being Jared (the one wearing a hat) joining. Patrick Galvin did them a new myspace layout with the photos, they also have some new songs up.

I pretty much used the same setup for all the shots. A 430ex in a shoot through umbrella camera right, and a 430ex a in reflective umbrella camera left, behind the subjects. I used my 18-55mm for the group shots and my 50mm for the individual shots. Obviously there isn't a lot of imagination that went into these, but I kind of just enjoy the simplicity of them.

I had also taken their previous lot of promo photos.

For these I used one 430ex bare in front of the band and 2 incandescent tungsten 800w lights as the back light.