Robotosaurus Coerce Sex Wizard

I'm fairly late putting these photos up.
I went to Melbourne for the Mindsnare, Jungle Fever show and the next night was this gig, all the bands are from Adelaide except for Bowcaster who are from Melbourne. How many members of Bowcaster were in Brisk? An easier question is how many members of Bowcaster weren't in Brisk? Either way I don't actually know the answer, but I'm sure my mate Jake would. Brisk were a Canberra band, they were really unique for this city and very well loved, most of the them moved to Melbourne a few years ago, and Brisk just sort of faded away, as far as I know they never said they were breaking up or playing a last show. I think the last time they played was with Envy In 2007? I didn't take any photos of Bowcaster, just cause I didn't get my gear setup in time, I'm told all of there songs are about Star Wars.

Sex Wizard have 2 drummers, I don't know why, I don't think they know why, but they are very loud. A bunch of the members also play in Jungle Fever and Robotosaurus. I really like them. This venue was fairly small, and they could barely fit two drum kits and all their gear on the stage, Gabe the base player was stuck behind both the kits at the back of the stage for the entire set.

I lit the gig with a 430ex flash either side of the stage, the one on camera right one was right at the front of the stage on a stand and the left one was a bit further back on a shelf, they are visible in some of the shots.

I'd never heard Coerce before, they sounded pretty cool.

The Robotosaurus singer did some guest vocals for Coerce.

I think I had seen Robotosaurus once previously, but I don't really remember them to be honest, since then I have started to quite like their music. I don't know what sub genre you'd put them in but when they played with Graf Orlock and 4dead it was a very fitting bill.