Anchors at Bar 32

I've been fairly bored shooting shows at bar 32 recently, as I discussed in a previous post the only way I've found that I can shoot there is with my fisheye lens, focus set to infinity. And while I'm happy with the photos, I get kind of bored shooting more photos that look the same. And I don't really think I'm going to better what I did at the Abandonment gig and the Mary Jane Kelly gig in October. These photos aren't on this blog, but they're on the internet in various places, here's one:

So for this gig I didn't use my fisheye lens, all I used was my canon 18-55mm f3.5-5.6, this is the kit lens that came with my 400d, and it's probably the worst lens I own. Because of the aforementioned lack of ambient light, I used manual focus most of the time, occasionally using auto focus when I could by pointing at a light on an amp or the a piece of shiny metal on a guitar. This took a while to get used to shooting and ended up giving me a bunch of out of focus and/or poorly shot photos. Which is why there are only photos of the last two bands.
This is Anchors, they're from Melbourne and are one of the few punk bands I actually like.

I used the same lighting setup as previous gigs, one light in the back left corner at about head height, and one in front of the band camera right, on the bar very high up. I used a full blue gel on the backlight, during Anchors and a green gel during Outcome Unknown.

I think I achieved some different compositions than I had previously, the gig was a lot harder to shoot and I didn't get nearly as many good shots as I have at other gigs. However to me the photos still have the same look as other gigs at bar, I think in the future I need to change where I put my lights, which is probably going to result in even fewer photos.