Rival Schools in Tokyo

Tuesday the 13th of April  we went and saw Rival Schools at Shibuya O-West in Tokyo, two Japanese supports also played; Killie and As Meias. I Didn't intend on taking photos but I'd been carrying my camera around during the day and we didn't have time to go back to the hotel before the show. I really enjoyed Killie, they sound a bit like Thursday and Poison the Well. There was no security at the show so when Rival Schools came on I just walked in front of the barrier and started shooting, then after a while I walked back stage and watched the rest of the set from there. I took some video, it'll turn up one day. Everything shot with the 50mm f/1.8

The stage lighting here was great, huge amount of lights and more than enough light to shoot without flashes. The stage was comparable to the size of the Manning bar, but the standing space was probably about half that at Manning. Despite being described as a hardcore supergroup Rival Schools sounded more like Weezer than anything else.

We saw two other shows while in Japan, Gauze and 50 Lions, both in Tokyo at a venue called Antiknock, I didn't shoot either of them.