I Exist Phantoms Queensland Video

Video from the the I Exist Phantoms Bad Bromance Queensland Weekender March 2010.

I Exist playing 'One Thousand Hooves' at Shed 5, and 'TheTemptress' at Snitch nightclub. Both off their debut album 'I: A Turn For The Worse' out now on Common Bond Records, available from http://www.capitalcitycartel.bigcartel.com/
Photos from these shows at /static/5149322fe4b0896b3631aaeb/514b2c02e4b0fb48d276f602/514b2c0fe4b0fb48d276f7b1/1270444003314/ and /static/5149322fe4b0896b3631aaeb/514b2c02e4b0fb48d276f602/514b2c0fe4b0fb48d276f7b2/1270363572622/
Interview done by some kid in Brisbane who has a blog.

Phantoms playing Skeletons/ sort of covering 'Bad Romance' by Lady Gaga at Browning st reherasal studio. Video lit entirely by a desk lamp on the left side of the room.
Photos from this show at /static/5149322fe4b0896b3631aaeb/514b2c02e4b0fb48d276f602/514b2c0fe4b0fb48d276f7b0/1271604380236/