Converge live video Brisbane

It was a lucky coincidence that Converge were playing the last show of their Australian tour, on the same day that I Exist and Phantoms finished off their Queensland tour. Not only were both shows in the same city, but literally around the corner from one and other. So when I Exist and Phantoms finished their afternoon show, we had time to eat dinner, some of us ate at The Forrest which made awesome vegan tempe burgers, and then most of us headed to the hifi bar to watch Converge. I shot some video and took some photos, more of which will be posted soon.

The setlist for this show was:
Dark Horse
You Fail Me
Bare My Teeth/Black Rose
No Heroes
Locust Reign
Reap What You Sow
Worms Will Feed
Axe To Fall
First Light
Eagles Become Vultures
The Broken Vow
Drop Out
Hope Street
Bitter and Then Some
Last Light
Jane Doe