I Exist Melbourne - Halloween shows – Day 1

This is the third time I've gone on the road with I Exist, both other times have been short tours with two shows. This time they played a house show on the 31st of October with Terror Firma.

And on the 2nd of November they played at a nightclub called Plastic in Melbourne.

12 of us went down in  12 seater van.
This photo was taken during a stop on the way back to Canberra.

From Clockwise from left; Sean, Benny, Sam, Murph, Jullian, Josh, Jarred, Paddy, Me, Jake, and Aaron. Emma also came down with us in the van but flew back.
So 4 members of I Exist and 8 friends.

The ride down in a van is always half the fun of the tour.

My mate Jake the electrician loves his fireworks.

 The sea is his mistress

Sean decided to buy a Picture magazine at one of the servos which provided hours of entertainment.

At some point we passed a couple of cars with Krew stickers on the rear windows, recalling that the Krew skateboard were currently on tour in the country, I mentioned that Chad Muska was part of this team. Jake seemed to take this as proof that Muska was in the one of the cars, and was determined to get his attention, we kept driving along side them until they got sick of us and sped away.

When we got to Melbourne the hessian contingent of the van went dumpster diving behind a coles, and came back with a load of bread and crumpets, some of which contained bugs, and most of which spent the rest of the trip on the van floor.

For a while now the I Exist have talked about doing a promo photo with KISS makeup, and since it was halloween, it was decided they might as well play the show in it as well.

The make up was done by Aaron's girlfriend Lauren and Benny.

Each member was photographed individually and I blacked out their necks and shoulders and arranged them in photoshop. We were in a rush and so I used a very simple set up. Out in the street at night, 1 speedlight through a shoottrought umbrella on a stand above my head pointing down onto the subject.
This was kind of the reference for the group shot

We got to the house party just in time for I Exist to play.
The show was in a small room, and was extremely hot and sweaty in there.
Suprisingly a bunch of kids new the words to the songs and were really into it.
I took photos, Julian videoed the set and Sean activated the pit.

Terror Firma played afterwards, I didn't take any  photos, but I videoed the set, I'll put in online one day.

Then we drove to the city in hopes of seeing the Kiss cover band Kisstroyer play at bang, by the time we got there we had missed them, so we spent two hours walking around to find bar/club without a ridiculously long line for entry, and ended up listening to a Pantera CD at Pony for about 3 seconds before going to sleep on various couches around Melbourne.