I Exist - Halloween Melbourne shows - Day 2

Saturday the 1st of November was World Vegan Day, some of us went to the vegan festival at Abbotsford convent, or as Jake called it the 'Not dog Festival'. He refused to go and ate bacon and eggs in a cafe. The festival mainly consisted of stalls selling vegan food and vegan wares,and everything was really expensive.

We crossed a bridge and Sean pretended he was in Joy Division

We also found some sick graffiti.

We went to dinner at the East Brunswick club with a bunch of people. The place serves basic pub meals but also makes vegan versions of most things, the Vegan chicken parmas are really good.
We ate outdoors and there was just enough daylight left to shoot photos at 1600 ISO

The following photos were taken by various people around the table, mostly Jarred and Jake.

 Emma's sister's boyfriend is was massive 'normy' weirded out by the punx according to Sean.

After this we went to Pepper's house to hang out.

 I found a set of clippers and tried to cut Josh's hair, but gave up when we found out they were blunt.

This didn't stop Emma from having a go at shaving his chest and an inverted cross into the hair on his stomach.

After this some of us left to sleep elsewhere, while others stayed at Pepper's and woke up to a burst water pipe flooding the house.