Haircuts, lifting weights and bread pies.

Aaron plays in I Exist, 4Dead and Slowburn.

He turned 21 on the 8th of November.
We had a BBQ at a park and then partied at Murph's house.

I gave Sean a haircut earlier that afternoon. I'll be honest it wasn't my best work. Apparently he looks like someone from Straight Jacket Nation.

There's an abundance of musical instruments in this house, mostly guitars, and a good number of attendees were guitar players, it wasn't long before impromptu covers started. Much to the annoyance of those trying to watch Independence Day.

And then the weight lifting began.

The Asian connection.

A couple of Aryans.

And then the haircuts began.

Inverted crosses are all the rage these days.

When Jake first showed up with his own brand of mohawk, most of us laughed. Now there's a fair amount of us with variations of this.

Jake made up this list of fixtures for a gig a while ago, if you know Jake and you're from Canberra, it is legitimately the funniest thing ever.

Belle was inducted into the buffaloes.

According to Jake he invented the Jäger bomb with lift.

There was no pastry left in the house, so I used bread in the pie maker. The bread pies were filled with soy sausages and vegetables. They were fantastic, and enjoyed by all.

dotdotdot took these photos

Here's a bunch of photos other people took with my camera.

And finally Aaron got a haircut. He kept complaining about this before, during and after, so I don't know why he sat for it in the first place.

Sam drew me some guidelines, and I gave him a haircut straight out of mad max.

But he thought it was too extreme for his job at a child care centre.

Jarred took these photos.

Then we all went to out to Civic, it was pretty crap so everyone went home fairly early.