Dead Kings, The Abandonment, Lorax @ Bar 32

I wrote a review of the gig, it's pretty ridiculous, but from my point of view if it's not fun to write then what's the point?
I go to a lot of gigs at Bar 32, it is probably the darkest venue that regularly gets gigs. Until recently I was never happy with any photos I had taken there, the roof is too high and dark, to bounce an on camera flash off it. Since starting to use off camera strobes I realised it was too dark to focus, both with auto and manual focus. This means I'm forced to shoot with my fish eye lens (tokina 10-17mm) with the focus set to infinity, which keeps basically everything in focus, provided I don't get too close to the subject.

I used 2 strobes, a canon 430ex and a canon 430exII, one as a a key  from the the right front side up very high, and one as a back light in the back left corner of the room. For Lorax they were bare, but for Dead Kings and The abandonment I used a full CTB gel on the backlight. I like the colour the gel ads, so I'll probably continue to use gels of varying colour on the back light at gigs her.

I think this is the first time I've seen the abandonment. I liked them a lot more than I thought I would, I kind of assumed they would be an average deahcore band. But I really enjoyed their set. The vocalist Rob also plays guitar in In Trenches and Encircling Sea.

Aaron is severely prejudice against keyboard players, according to him if you're in a rock band the only keyboard instrument you should be playing is a Hammond organ.

I like Dead Kings a lot, they're from Canberra and they make metalcore that isn't cliched.