Bad Romance

This is the back cover of a split 7" between I Exist and Phantoms, I took the photo. If I had known at the time that it would be used for anything more than a snapshot I would have put more effort into it. Design and layout by Patrick Galvin who also drew the front cover, which can be seen here:

Just south of Brisbane is a lovely place where dreams come true - Wet 'n' Wild. While touring together in March 2010, Canberra sludge merchants I Exist and Sydney pseudo thugs Phantoms visited this magical place and decided to immortalise it in song. Recorded in one afternoon with Lachlan Mitchell between visits to Sizzler and a Soulfly concert, the result is Bad Romance, 2 songs from each act and all named after Wet 'n' Wild rides.

The 7" will be released January 14th 2011, with a pre order available from December 6th.

A track from the I Exist side 'Mammoth Falls' is up now too on

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