Life and Limb - recording day 1

Life and Limb is a new project started by James Stuart, a veritable super-group of previous Canberra bands, including but not limited to Hard Luck, Repoman, A Stab in the Dark, Brisk, Moments  and I Exist. I photographed their recording process at Infidel studios in Queanbeyan. Recording to analog tape, the songs are to be released early next year on 7" but you can hear 2 songs here: While firmly based within the Canberra hardcore scene this material sounds very different to all there previous projects, bringing to mind influences of Fugazi, jazz drumming and French rap.
Many more details about the band and the design aspect can be found over at James' blog The band recorded live as a four piece together in one room, later overdubbing vocals from all the members, these are the photos from the first day of recording.
Photos from day 2 here.

This is only the third time I've photographed a band recording in a studio, it's easier than shooting live in the sense that I have the freedom to move lights around and don't have to worry about interfering with an audience viewing the performance. But at the same time it's harder because it's usually in a more confined space, and the members are less animated. I used three flash guns in various positions depending on which member I was shooting.