Extortion I Exist SXWZD Tour - Part 2

After Newie we got a few days off in Canberra, then it was off to Byron Bay.
Show was okay, not great, not horrible. White room, brighter photos than usual, less shadows, rim lights running a little bit too hot.

SXWZD cowboy hat and aviators.

Sam sang for I Exist at this show, this is the second time they've done this. It's different to the regular I Exist experience, but I really enjoyed photographing him singing, it's been a while since Slowburn.

Extortion Success! Captured several photos with Rohan's face. I should probably try for more photos of the other members now.

430ex out in front of stage right, 430ex stage left middle, vivitar 383 back stage right.

Bit of a jam on the acouy afterward outside the venue.

The Brisbane show was with Marathon at Snitch, I thought it was great, especially for a night club show, I only took photos of the guys hanging out.