Extortion I Exist SXWZD Tour - Part 1

I'm not calling this a tour blog, because the last time I did that I didn't finish putting up all the photos until three months after the tour was over. We're three shows in, Canberra and Sydney were packed, I think Sydney even sold out. There are too many vans for the amount of people of this tour and we're getting an extra hatchback in Queensland, Extortion sold out of merch after 3 shows, Murph is an acoustic guitar jukebox, Kelly is always pissed, Jake brought a new hat with him and Aaron plays the vuvuzela better than anyone.
These are photos from the Newcastle show.

Clearly SXWZD needed another member, so Jake stepped in for a song. It's hard enough to get a photo with all of they're regular 6 members on stage.

I Exist. Josh played the Canberra show, Kelly is playing NSW and Queensland, and the band is searching for another member to play Melbourne and Adelaide.

Standard Extortion photos from me, I will get a live photo of Rohan's face before the end of this tour.

Shot the show with three strobes, stage left front, stage right centre and back centre stage pointing stage left.

General hanging out/van life/backstage life.

I'm so glad Sean Points came along and I'm so glad I brought my vuvuzela.

We were able to stop off at a photo studio to get a portrait  of Sean and Alex.

Why are there no photos of the bands from the Sando show? I went and photographed this at the factory theatre instead.