I Exist - Hardcore 2010

I Exist played the Saturday all ages show of Hardcore 2010 at the Factory Theatre. Originally intending to play with only 3 guitarist, which has become the norm now that Alex is back. On the day it was decided to have Kelly play as well, seeing as he was already there, he knew all the songs and there was enough amps on stage. This was the biggest show the band has played, the biggest stage, the biggest crowd they've played to and the most entertaining show they've ever played.

The video really doesn't do justice to the ridiculous spectacle that was 7 people on stage, and 8 when Caed joined in to sing 'The temptress'.

This was also one of the few times they've played Dragonaught live.

And I'll end with a photo from one of the two gigs in October 2009 when I Exist played as a 3 piece, while Alex was in South America and Sam had a broken arm. Aaron played guitar through a guitar amp and a bass amp, the band was still great.