I Exist - Tour blog 4

All ages show at Shed 5 on the Gold Coast, most of this gig was in black and white.
Last time I was at this venue I Exist played on the floor, as the stage here is quite tall, especially for hardcore gigs. This time however the venue wasn't keen on this, despite all of the bands wanting to. Last time here the gig was great, so many kids were there to see I Exist, this time however it was obviously a Shai Hulud crowd, with all of the supports not getting much of a crowd reaction.
Show lit with a 430ex bounced into the roof on stage, front stage left side, and a 430ex stage right backlight.

I Exist

Ghost Town

Shinto Katana

Shai Hulud

Some photos of various touros outside the venue.

 I don't know who took the following photos, probably some combination of Jake, Jarred, Ollie and Aaron.