I Exist - Photography band

Three new promo photos for I Exist done in one night. If there's one thing this band does well, it's sell merch, but it's followed closely by posing for photos.
Sometimes there's four members of I Exist, and sometimes there's five, and it looks like in the future, there's going to be six fairly often. This is the second set of headshots I've done for them, the first time was just for reference for the internal artwork of their album. I really like the look of these ones, might keep doing variations on these with the band in the future. Shot them in Murph's louge room, in front of a white wall, 430ex in shoot through umbrella, camera right, bare 430ex backlight camera left, subjects were about 5ft away from the wall.

This was inspiration for the photos, taken last year on their trip to Melbourne for the Halloween shows.

Also did a more standard promo photo.

And lastly we ran out of ideas and threw this together.