Japan - Part 2

More photos from Japan, all 50mm.

It's illegal to smoke on the streets of Japan, yet there are still smoking sections in all restaurants.
They have smoking areas, where smokers are allowed to congregate.

We went to Yoyogi Park in Harajuka, it was Sunday and the place was filled with large groups of people having picnics. There were many more cherry blossoms in bloom at this park than the last one.

On Sundays at the entrance to the park, 50's style greaser dancers gather, it looked like there were various groups of competing dancers, but we only hung around long enough to watch one group.

Next to Yoyogi park is Meiji Shrine.

 These are wooden blocks you buy at the temple and write prayers on, most were in Japanese.
Some weren't.

Between the entrances to Meji Shrine and Yoyogi park is where many young Japanese people dress up in pseudo goth costumes. When we were there there was only one group of 4 girls dressed up and posing for photos, but Rob went back later in the day and said many more had turned up.

This is the main market street in Harajuku, made up mostly of stores selling futuristic fashion, which I'm sure will seem normal in years to come.