Japan - Part 1

I went to Japan in April, with Sean and Rob Phil.
I took one lens, my 50mm f/1.8, simply to cut down on weight. In hindsight I would have taken a zoom lens, as the 50mm was pretty limiting.
A lot of these photos are just mid-close up of Rob and Sean, and you can't really tell they're taken in Japan, but I like the look of the photos, so I'm putting them up even if many of them look the same.

Bus from Canberra to Sydney, plane from Sydney to Cairns, plane from Cairns to Tokyo.

The first of our many attempts at group shots.

Standard shots from the plane window.

Rob slept like this on most of the flights.

It's fairly common to see people wearing face masks when they are sick in Japan, it's actually a really smart idea to prevent the spreading of infection, and it also exemplifies the politeness of Japanese people.

 First thing we bought from a vending machine was a can of coffee, didn't realise it was going to be hot.

Sean and Rob recreating the Carpathian promo photo circa 2006.

Sean getting silly.

Rob brought nothing but Slowburn shirts on the trip

Roppongi was basically the Kings Cross of Tokyo, full of strip clubs and dodgy guys on the street that try and get you into them.

Sean fitting in with the locals.

The view from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, the city just goes on forever, the 50mm doesn't really do the view justice

We went to a nearby park with a waterfall and walked around among some cherry blossom trees.

We happened to stumble upon a temple on the other side of the park, I don't know what the temple was called, but it had a bell to ring, and gave us our first cliched 'tourists at a temple' photos.

 These water fountains are at most temples, your supposed to wash your hands and rinse your mouth before praying.