I Exist - Tour blog 3

Overnight drive from Sydney to Brisbane, with an early morning stop at the big banana.

All ages show afternoon show at the fort in Brisbane.
Jake Willoughby took this photo.

Zaca's new band Promises played their first show.

Adrian Kelly joins merch band I Exist as the touring guitarist, and 7th member. While Aaron was teaching Kelly the songs backstage Matt Fox of Shai Hulud decided to learn '333' and played it with the band two hours later on stage at this show, I didn't take any photos of this but video of it will show up at some point.
Jake Willoughby generally refuses mic grabs, but it's not uncommon for him to just walk away when over powered by a group of kids singing invert the sun.

Shinto Katana

Shai Hulud 

This show was the worst of the tour in my opinion, not a horribly bad show, but compared to the rest it just wasn't as much fun, mainly because of the lack of crowd participation during Shai Hulud.