I Exist - Tour blog 1

Day1 by Jake Willoughby

So I got out of Canberra just in time. JJ LaWhore shared a magical bag session with me not too long before we left. The ride up was a study of truck driver signals and etiquette, there was some Big Business and Dr. Octagon.
Arriving in Oxford street in only two and-a-half hours, I congratulated LaWhore and we loaded in.
Never played at Spectrum, never been. It was alright for a nightclub venue, although the stage was really small. I'm glad we didn't have Al-Bro to fit as well.
Some drink cards where expended for the golden liquors of Mexico.

Shinto Katana

Shai Hulud

At the end of the Shai Hulud set they were going to play Bulldozed but then instead played Linoleum and I lost my tour pass as a result of being trampled. Now I'm probably going to have to pay to get in to my own shows. JJ is going to give me his after he goes home.
Tonight was not a party but instead a mellow hang at Jimmi Jimmi James'.
Paddy hasn't made the Hemplar Knights back patch yet.
Not keen to be driving to QLD tomorrow night.
-Jake Willoughby.

New I Exist merch

This is the second time I've been to Hot Damn, I find it really hard to shoot shows here, there's barely any room to set up my lights and finding a place to shoot from is a challenge. I clamped one light onto the back wall to the right of the drummer and had one on a stand stage left as far towards the front as possible. Most of the show i was shooting right in front of the left side of the stage, later I got told off for standing on one of the tables while taking photos. I Exist opened with a brand new song, one that's not even on the new album, they got a great reaction from the crowd. Shinto played and everyone moshed, and Shai Hulud were really really great. Some people had doubts about the new singer, but within one song it was obvious they were still Shai Hulud and that it was going to be a great set. Next is St Ives and an overnight drive to Queensland, followed by two shows in one day.
- John Hatfield