Yoko Oh No!

Yoko Oh No! used to be a three piece, now Rob Phil has joined they are a four piece, they also now they span three cities, Canberra, Queanbeyan and Bungendore. When I turned up, each member was intuitively wearing very different shirts, and really I couldn't have thought of better shirts to describe each member. Rob Phil was in Slowburn during the last year that they were around, he was also arguably they're biggest fan, both before he joined and while he was in the band. He still proudly wears his own band's shirts. Aaron wears a Propagandhi shirt most days of the week and I first met him at a Propagandhi show. Pete actually still really likes wrestling despite his age, and Danny often wears table cloths as shirts.

We did these in a forest in Queanbeyan around sunset. I should have used CTO gels on my flashes, but I didn't, which is why the skin tones vary wildly. Two 430exs, one shoot through umbrella camera left in front, one bare behind the band camera right, sun setting camera left slightly behind.