Slowburn's last show

Slowburn decided to break up in November 2009. They started in 2006, they played their last show on the 6th of March 2010. Video of this show will be up tomorrow probably. All bands lit with 430ex left of stage against the wall about 4 meters in front of the stage, and 430ex back light stage right.

Something must break, this was one of this band's first shows and was first time I'd heard of them, they played very well for such a young band.

Phantoms are a bunch of awesome dudes, sometimes they cover Sad but true.

Relentless from Sydney, featuring Dcold from the internet.

Slowburn had two different singers during their time as a band, Dave and Sam both sang some songs at this show, and during the change over they sang a song together. Most of the these guys are in new bands: I Exist, Yoko Oh No, Jerkstore and Observer.

For anyone interested, this was their set list. In Dave's words "Some you don't know and some you don't." They also played bongs at the end when the crowd demanded it.