Observer demo recording

Last year I joined a band, we're called Observer. In Novemer/December we recorded our demo. Our mate Jake from I Exist recorded all but the drums. These are some photos from the guitar and bass recordings done at my house. Jake also brought his xbox. I used various lighting setups, with two 430ex flashes. Usually the key light was in a shoot through umbrella, and the back light was bare with a snoot, and sometimes with a blue or straw gel.

Cantpit had a go at recording, but managed to record Shane's guitars while also erasing his own bass tracks in the process.

We made 100 CDs, they're all gone now,  I doubt we will make any more because I don't really like the songs, and we've recorded some better stuff which we have yet to put out. At least the packaging looked good. The artwork was done by Dase Beard and the logo by Patrick Galvin.

Front Cover

Back Cover
50 Black and 50 White
And 10 that looked like this.
Discs looked like this