Hoodlum Shouts at the front

Hoodlum Shouts played at the front on the 17th of February.

The front is a cafe/bar/art gallery/venue, there's no stage and barely any room for the band let alone the crowd, especially when it still functions as a cafe/bar.

I don't really know what I was thinking with lighting this, I wanted to do something different, but it was also because I didn't have many options for where to set up my lights. I used 2 back lights, they're in a bunch of the shots. It ended creating some very low key lit shots, without any fill. It's not a setup I'm likely to use again, but it did create some different shots. Shot with my 5D and 28-70mm

I shot some video of one song, this is one of their slowest, and I really wish I'd shot one of the other songs too. It's one of their best songs but it really is better in contrast to their other louder songs. Used my 50mm f1.8 for this.