Blunt Issue 86

The most recent issue of Blunt has a bunch of my photos in it.

They asked me to shoot the 50 lions, Trapped Under Ice Canberra show.

I'll probably put up the rest of the photos in the future.

I also had 2 promo photos in the issue, one of Dead Kings, and one of I Exist. Both bands are featured in the '25 local bands to hype in 2010' section, and a song from each is included on the CD that comes with the magazine.

Dead Kings are heaps into I Exist
From left to right. Damo, Aaron, Rohan, Paul, Morgan and Mitch

This is the most recent promo photo of Dead Kings, we did it just for this issue of blunt, despite the previous set of promos being only 6 months old, everyone in the band looks a bit different, specifically Morgan, who has gained a ridiculously large beard since then. I turned up to Better Music, where Mitch and Morgan both work, the only concept for the photo being that we would try to get on a roof and take a photo of the band against the sky. After a little while Paul and Rohan walked into the store with fake moustaches. I'm not sure but I think this was because I had mentioned to Rohan that the new photos were needed because both Morgan and Damo were now sporting beards. As well as wearing fake facial hair the two of them both came in I Exist shirts, this wouldn't have been a problem but Morgan happened to be wearing the same shirt as Rohan, and it would have looked a little weird having two dudes wearing the same shirt, at that point Paddy came up with the idea that the best option was for the entire band to wear I Exist merch, A call was put into Aaron from I Exist to come by with more of their shirts for the rest of the band. Unfortunately he didn't bring enough shirts, so Damo, Mitch and Morgan had to wear the same shirt, but Morgan wore it backwards. It also became clear that it was too difficult to get onto any nearby roofs, so I chose to just shoot it in the street behind Better Music. Aaron decided to jump into the background of the photo. I did want to do a serious one but after I shot this photo the guys looked at it and said we were done.

In terms of setup for the photo, I used both of my 430ex speedlites through one shoot through umbrella, positioned just out of frame camera left. The sun was getting low in the sky camera right and I hoped this would provide  some ¾ backlight  on the guys, it only really worked on Damo and Rohan.

While waiting for the others to arrive, I shot this photo of Morgan.

I Exist are heaps into Kiss

The description of the I Exist KISS photo is in a previous post.